Internet, tv og radio overalt MARINE RUNDSTRÅLE ANTENNE TIL BÅD Fordele ved TERTEK® Internet Antennen:
TERTEK® internet HI-Tech antenne kan tilsluttes direkte til din dongle,
eller modem, for optimal modtagelse af internet.
Kun en antenne, Internet/TV/Radio signaler ( DVB-T2, VHF, UHF, DAB+ & FM, 3G/4G/5G/LTE).
INTERNET HI-TECH ANTENNE Fordele ved TERTEK® Internet Antennen:
TERTEK® internet HI-Tech antenne kan tilsluttes direkte til din dongle,
eller modem, for optimal modtagelse af internet.
FLAGKNOP RUNDSTRÅLE ANTENNE TERTEK® DAB+/TV Optimal signal modtagelse, i stor højde, specielt hvor der er dårlig signal dækning.


Tertek® DAB+/TV and Internet MIMO combined in one antenna, the antenna of the future, for receiving radio/DAB+/ TV and Internet signals 


TERTEK® is designed for installation on Houses, Boats, Campers and Caravans.

With its many installation options, TERTEK® will always allow for optimal installation for signal reception and be a durable and stylish antenna solution now and in the future.

TERTEK® DAB+/TV has an optimised antenna element for receiving horizontal and vertical signals, which also makes the antenna very mobile, and it picks up both main signals and helper signals.  With its Top-Close system on the pole, TERTEK® protects the roof lead-in by closing all the way down to the roof, with a transport height of just 120 mm.

TERTEK® DAB+/TV Antenna is protected from the new mobile network 5G/LTE and Tetra, so you are also ensured the best antenna solution in the future.

TERTEK® DAB+/TV comes with two-output power supply, allowing splitting to multiple end-user plugs.

Tertek® Internet MIMO

2G/3G/4G/5G LTE Internet Antenna. TERTEK® Internet MIMO is a multiband omnidirectional Internet antenna with a unique design.

TERTEK® Internet MIMO is a mobile external antenna that is UV-resistant and connects easily to a router or modem, with the option of mounting two external antennas and a SIM card with data.

MIMO means there are two antennas, each with its own cable.

TERTEK® comes in the colours Red, White and Yellow.

It comes in the models:  Tertek® DAB+/TV Tertek® Internet MIMO/DAB+/TV   Tertek® Internet MIMO 

It comes in the variants:                      Flag knob – House – Camper – Caravan – Boat

Specifications TERTEK® DAB+/TV Antenna.

Diode colour Transparent/Red

5G/LTE Safe Yes

TETRA Safe Yes

Colour options Red, White, Yellow

Noise count <3.0 dB

Max. output level 108/104 dBμV

Power consumption 50mA

Width 190 mm

Height 120 mm

Channel DVB-T/T2/FM/DAB/DAB+/5-12/21-60

Elements 1+ pcs.

Impedance 75 Ohm

Power supply 12/230 volts

Band B IV/V

Opening angle, horizontal 360 degrees

Opening angle, vertical 180 degrees

Wind load 5.5 N

Frequency range DAB+ 174-300 Mhz

Frequency range FM 87.5-108 Mhz

Connector F-connector

Frequency range VHF 174-300 Mhz

Frequency range UHF 470-694 Mhz

TERTEK® MIMO Internet Antenna

TERTEK® MIMO Internet Antenna is a 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE 360-degree outdoors antenna designed for receiving the frequencies used for mobile data. Innovative Danish design made in Denmark.

2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE MIMO Internet Antenna for optimal reception of mobile broadband.

Specifications for TERTEK® Internet HI-Tech Antenna

Frequency range: 698-960 MHz   1420-1520 MHz 1710-2690 MHz 3400-3800 MHz 

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Polarization Vertical

Max. gain: 5 dBi

Max. power: 10 W

Connection: 2 x SMA connectors

Dimensions: 190 mm x 120 mm

Weight: 525 g

Material: UV-resistant ABS

Cable: SMA 2 x 3 m

Temp. -40 ºC – +85 ºC

Colour: White


Fredeshøj 1, 6100 Haderslev Denmark

Fredeshøj 1, 6100 Haderslev Denmark

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