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Antenna for internet, radio and TV for caravan

TERTEK® is designed for installation on Houses, Boats, Campers and Caravans.

With its many installation options, TERTEK® will always allow for optimal installation for signal reception and be a durable and stylish antenna solution now and in the future.

Tertek® Internet MIMO / DAB + / TV antenna

Advantages of Tertek® Internet MIMO / DAB + / TV antenna.
Only one antenna, Internet / TV / DAB + / Radio signals

(3G / 4G / 5G / LTE / DVB-T, DVB-T2, VHF, UHF, DAB +, FM, MPEG4-HEVC (H.265) compatible).

Tertek® antenna is shielded against interference from 5G / LTE and at the same time it can receive internet signals, you just need to connect the two gray internet cables to your wireless router and insert your SIM card, then you have internet for the whole family’s devices.

Antenna has a unique innovative Danish design and at the same time it is a Danish-produced antenna, which is extremely weather and wind resistant.

Tertek® Power Supply 12/24/220 volts included, with 2 sockets and with the option to split the signal up to 4 receivers. Up to 28 db gain.

TERTEK® MIMO internet antenna

3G / 4G / 5G LTE Internet antenna. TERTEK® Internet MIMO is a round-beam multiband internet antenna with a unique design.

TERTEK® Internet MIMO is a mobile external antenna which is UV resistant and which is easily connected to a router or modem with the option of mounting two pieces. external antennas and SIM cards with data.

MIMO means that there are two pieces. antennas, each with its own cable.

The TERTEK® MIMO internet antenna is a 3G / 4G / 5G / LTE, 360 degree outdoor antenna designed to receive the frequencies used for mobile data. Innovative Danish design and Danish produced.

3G / 4G / 5G / LTE MIMO Internet antenna, for optimal reception of mobile broadband.


TERTEK® DAB+/TV has an optimised antenna element for receiving horizontal and vertical signals, which also makes the antenna very mobile, and it picks up both main signals and helper signals. With its Top-Close system on the pole, TERTEK® protects the roof lead-in by closing all the way down to the roof, with a transport height of just 120 mm.

TERTEK® DAB+/TV Antenna is protected from the new mobile network 5G/LTE and Tetra, so you are also ensured the best antenna solution in the future.

TERTEK® DAB+/TV comes with two-output power supply, allowing splitting to multiple end-user plugs.


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