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TERTEK® for Homes, Summer Homes, Boats, Campers & Caravans

TERTEK® DAB+/TV: for Homes, Summer Homes, Boats, Campers & Caravans.

Why are all the new TERTEK® DAB+/TV, G5/LTE-SAFE? To avoid radiation from the 700 MHz frequencies from the 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE network.

Why are all the new TERTEK® DAB+/TV TETRA-SAFE? To avoid radiation from the 380-470 MHz frequencies from the TETRA network used, for instance by the police and by emergency services.

Are Camping and Boat antennas from TERTEK® also 5G/LTE & TETRA-SAFE?

Yes, all new TERTEK® DAB+/TV antennas are 5G/LTE & TETRA-SAFE and have a transparent/red light diode.

Where can I find the nearest TERTEK® dealer?

Find your TERTEK Dealer HERE

Where can I find the installation manual for TERTEK®?

You can find it HERE

Can I get Full HD with a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? Yes

Can I pick up DVB-T2 with a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? Yes

Can I pick up HEVC (H.265) with a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? Yes

My flag pole has a bag in it and a fibreglass plug at the bottom. How do I pull the cable through it? You can hammer a metal tube through the plug and use fencing wire inserted into the flag pole from the bottom to pull the earthing wire up through the pole. If you buy a flag pole, you can get it with free passage. Order HERE


What signals can a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna pick up? The TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna can pick up DVB-T, T2, HEVC (H.265), VHF, UHF, DAB+ & FM.

How many plugs can you connect to a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? You can connect 6 plugs without any amplification.

How far apart can the TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna and the distributor be from each other? You can easily pull cable up to 100 metres from the antenna to the amplifier/distributor.

Can a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna also be used if you do not have a flag pole? Yes, TERTEK® fits poles measuring from 50 mm to 65 mm in diameter; for the best reception, we recommend a height of approx. 8 metres or more. Also available are a mounting adapter for 40 mm poles and original TERTEK® hardware for wall-mounting.

Can you buy TERTEK® in the colours gold and silver? No, because gold and silver contain metal, which would prevent reception.

TERTEK® can be purchased in red, white and yellow.

Can TERTEK® also be used for radio? Yes, TERTEK® DAB+/TV antennas pick up both FM and DAB+.

Does a power cable have to be pulled out to the TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? No, the antenna is powered via the coaxial cable (antenna cable), which is connected to the factory-supplied power supply.

What programmes can I expect to receive digitally with a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? Currently, DR1,DR2, DR K ,DR-3, RamaSjang, DR ultra, and Lokal from Danish radio masts, and if you live near a border, you may get, e.g. German, Swedish and Norwegian (Mpeg4, HEVC)  channels.

Can I watch TV abroad? Yes, with a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna, you can watch all free-to-air channels.

With BOXER, you can get pay-TV via a TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna.

Can I get Internet with the TERTEK® DAB+/TV antenna? No, to get an Internet signal, you will need a TERTEK® Internet MIMO/DAB+/TV antenna. Then you get both TV, radio and Internet.

How can I get Internet? With a TERTEK® Internet MIMO antenna, it is easy to connect the two small connectors to your wireless router/dongle (requires SIM card with data). That way you get your own network.

How do I get a SIM card with data? You can contact your current telecom provider to find out what prices they can offer for the coverage you need.

Can I get Internet service abroad? Yes, you can use your current SIM card (if your provider has activated data for the country in question) or you can buy a data card (SIM card with data) in the country you are visiting.

What cable goes where in the router? It does not matter; your router will find out automatically which port is being used.

Can I connect a TERTEK® Internet MIMO antenna to all routers? Your wireless router has to support connection of an external or outer antenna and insertion of a SIM card with data.

Can I extend the cable from a TERTEK® Internet MIMO antenna? Yes, you can extend the cable, but the longer you make it, the greater the loss of signal, i.e. the weaker the signal you will get.


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