TERTEK® Digital version lll: for your home, summer cottage, boat and caravan, etc.


Why are all of the new TERTEK® version lll TETRA SAFE?

To avoid radiation from the 800 MHz frequencies from the 4G/LTE network.


Why are all of the new TERTEK® version lll TETRA SAFE?

To avoid radiation from the 380-470 MHz frequencies from the TETRA network.
Used by police and as emergency services frequencies, etc.


Are camping and boat antennas from TERTEK® also 4G/LTE & TETRA SAFE?

Yes, all new TERTEK version lll antennas are 4G/LTE & TETRA SAFE, and have yellow diode lights.


Where can I find the nearest TERTEK® reseller?

Find your TERTEK reseller here


Where can I find mounting guidelines for TERTEK®?

You can find them here


Can I still use may analogue TV if I use the TERTEK® digital antenna?

Yes, if you TV does not have a digital tuner, you just have to connect a DVB-T box (digital tuner).

DVB-T Tuners


My flagpole has a bag in it and a fibreglass plug on the bottom.

How do I route the cable through it?

You can knock a metal pipe through the plug and then use fencing wire and put it through the flagpole from the bottom. Then you pull the grounding cable along with it.


Can TERTEK® also be used for MPEG4?

Yes, TERTEK® can also be used after switching to MPEG4. DVB-T2 mm


Which signals can TERTEK® receive?

TERTEK® can receive DVB-T, T2, VHF, UHF, DAB+ & FM.


How many plugs can be connected to TERTEK®?

Without amplification, you can connect eight plugs.


How far can there be from TERTEK® to the distributor?

You can easily route up to 100 metres, from the antenna and into the amplifier/distributor.


Can TERTEK® also be used if you do not have a flagpole?

TERTEK® fits pipes with a diameter from 50 mm to 65 mm for the best reception.
We recommend a height of approximately eight metres or more.


Can you buy TERTEK® in gold and silver colours?

No, because gold and silver colours contain metal, which would prevent reception.
TERTEK® can be purchased in red, white and yellow.


Can TERTEK® also be used for radio?

Yes, TERTEK® receives both FM and DAB+.
Does a power cable have to be routed to the TERTEK® antenna?

No, the antenna is supplied with power via the coax cable (the antenna cable.)


Which software can I expect to receive digitally with TERTEK®?

Currently, you can receive DR1, DR2, DR UPDATE, DRK, DR3, RamaSjang, and the local channel from the Danish radio and TV masts, and if you live near a border, you can, for example, receive German, Swedish and Norwegian (Mpeg4) channels.

With BOXER, you can receive pay-TV via the TERTEK antenna, and they can offer 31 channels.

With TERTEK®, you can also receive DAB+ and FM radio channels.