Tertek® DAB+/TV Antenna for flag poles.

If you need both a flag pole and a Tertek® DAB+/TV antenna, you can order both
from Sat-com Teknik, tel. (+45) 7357 1600.

Tertek® DAB+/TV Antenna for flag poles.
The benefits of Tertek® DAB+/TV Antenna for flag poles include
Optimal signal reception up high, especially where the signal coverage is poor.
Just one antenna, TV/DAB+/Radio signals DVB-T, T2, UHF, VHF, DAB, DAB+,HEVC (H.265) & FM.
Can be mounted anywhere you are allowed to have a flag pole (also in areas where antennas may not be mounted).
Can be mounted on existing flag poles (fibreglass, with free passage). No unsightly fixtures (incorporated into standard flag pole knob).
It is extremely wind-resistant. Up to 28 dB amplification.
No interference from electrical installations and mobile phones in the building.
Download an installation manual here

Specifications TERTEK® DAB+/TV

  • Diode colour: Transparent/Red
  • 4G/LTE Safe: Yes
  • TETRA Safe: Yes
  • Colour selection: Red, white and yellow
  • Noise count: <3.0 dB
  • Max. Output level: 108/104 dBμV
  • Power consumption: 50mA
  • Width: 190 mm
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Channel: DVB-T/ T2/FM/DAB/DAB+/5-12/21-60MPEG4-HEVC (H.265) appropriate
  • Elements: 1+ pcs.
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Power supply: 12/230 volt
  • Band: BIV/V
  • Opening angle Hor. 360 grader
  • Opening angle Ver. 180 grader
  • Wind load: 5.5 N
  • Frequency range DAB: 174-300Mhz
  • Frequency range FM: 87,5-108Mhz
  • Connector: F-connector
  • Frequency range VHF: 174-300Mhz
  • Frequency range UHF: 470-694Mhz

On installation, a double-shielded coaxial grounding cable is pulled from the TERTEK® antenna into the house for the factory-supplied

220-volt amplifier/signal distributor.

Installation Manual for TERTEK® DAB+/TV Antenna for Flag Pole


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